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About eTrainingJournal

eTrainingJournal is initially implemented as a web application for standard sized displays such as desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. The second release of eTrainingJournal will provide a browser-based interface specialized for handheld devices (such as Smartphones, PocketPCs, iPhones, etc.). The third release will be a PocketPC application to allow mobile users to record and track their training even when disconnected from the web (and synchronize when reconnected).

We seek to be your anyplace and anytime training journal!

eTrainingJournal is constructed based on two recent technology introductions from Microsoft. These are the Windows Azure cloud computing environment and the ASP.NET Model/View/Controller (MVC) application framework.

To learn more about Windows Azure visit Official Windows Azure Platform Site.

To learn more about ASP.NET MVC visit Official Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Site.

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